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Three peanut butter cup cheesecakes stacked on top of each other on a white plate. A hand is slightly holding the top one and a bite is missing reavealing the cheesecake filling.

Mini No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecakes (easy & healthy)

These cheesecakes make a fantastic afternoon snack or a delightful after-dinner dessert. The combination of the chocolate crust, creamy peanut butter filling, and rich dark chocolate topping will leave you craving more. The best part is that they’re not only incredibly delicious but also made with wholesome ingredients, making them a guilt-free treat.

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A mini biscoff cheesecake in a cupcake liner is cut in half and a bite is missing from one of the halves. There is another cheesecake in the background.

No-Bake Biscoff Cheesecake

This No-Bake Biscoff Cheesecake is the perfect light summer treat! You make mini cheesecakes or one large cheesecake. They’re extremely quick and easy to make and you only need 5 simple ingredients! It’s easily made vegan, too.

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A hand holding a white plate with a slice of chocolate loaf cake. There is some vegan yoghurt on the cake and a bite has been taken from the cake which is on a fork in front of the cake.

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