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The creator of Nourishing Niki (Nikita Messina) thoroughly enjoying a bao bun.

HEY FRIEND! I’m Nikita, also known as @nourishing.niki, avid food lover. My love for cooking and baking started early on, growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, where food is deeply ingrained in our culture. Memories of my past are entwined with flavours and dishes. Before diving into content creation, I spent eight years in hospitality, fuelling my adoration for food, as well as sparking a fascination (and need) with wine and coffee.

When the pandemic hit and my regular work was put on hold, I began sharing recipes just to stay occupied. Unexpectedly, it transformed into something much more significant. I discovered newfound passions and a purpose, fostering a sense of community and healthy living. My mission is to motivate others to nourish their bodies wisely, without depriving themselves of cravings, but rather by making mindful choices and finding balance. After a history of restrictive and disordered eating, I’ve come to the realisation that THIS is health – having a balanced, all-inclusive diet that is more of a sustainable lifestyle than another “FAD” diet.

I believe my (current) purpose in life is proving you can make all your favourite snacks, desserts and meals but with nourishing ingredients and with minimal effort. I hope you enjoy all these recipes that I have very much enjoyed creating for you!

A hand holding a white plate with a slice of chocolate loaf cake. There is some vegan yoghurt on the cake and a bite has been taken from the cake which is on a fork in front of the cake.

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