I’m Niki (Nikita), a born and “bread” 20-something South African gal. I’m a food lover, self-taught chef, baker, food photographer & videographer. I started my blog as a hobby in lockdown 1.0, but it has since become my full-time job and biggest passion! My main inspiration for sharing easy and healthy recipes comes from my past of disordered, restrictive eating habits and my struggles with a hormonal disorder – PCOS.

I’m at my happiest when helping & serving others and I hope that my recipes can help YOU make healthier choices, without the “FAD” diets and restriction, but instead by making recipes using healthier ingredients. I like to think of my recipes as “good for your soul and your body”. OH, and my recipes are minimal-effort, so that even the *busiest* people can make them!

quick fire facts:

➡️ I became a Christian 3 years ago and it’s completely turned my life around in all the best ways. I got baptised last year with my sister!
➡️ I grew up in Cape Town, but moved to England (alone) when I was 18.
➡️ I went on my first solo trip to Europe in November/December last year for 6 weeks.
➡️ I’m at my happiest when helping & serving others.
➡️ My death-row meal: fresh sourdough (cut thick) with salted butter and cheddar
➡️ I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) – this is the main inspiration for eating healthier & nourishing my body – to heal my hormones.
➡️ I struggled with disordered eating a couple of years ago (obsessive calorie counting, restrictive eating and food guilt) and actually still struggle sometimes, but I’m working on it.

These above factors are things that drive me and motivate me to create and share my easy & healthy recipes with you.

✨“My mission is to motivate you to nourish your body, without depriving yourself of cravings, but rather by making mindful choices and finding balance. To prove that being healthy can be easy and fun.”✨

here are a few of my favourite recipes I’ve ever created: