Get ready to fall in love with these mini key lime cheesecakes—a delightful fusion of key lime pie and cheesecake. They’re incredibly easy to make (less than 30 minutes!) and made with healthy ingredients (only six!) that nourish your body and soul. Plus, they’re gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and can be easily adapted for a vegan lifestyle.

A mini key lime cheesecake on a plate with a cake for next to it. There is a plate in the background with five more cheesecakes on it.

These mini key lime cheesecakes are the perfect treat for any occasion – be it a quick dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth or a delightful snack to share with loved ones. Plus, with their healthy ingredients, they’ll become your go-to dessert option when you want to enjoy something indulgent without compromising your health goals.

Why you’ll love these

  • It’s a combination of two of the best desserts EVER.
  • Quick & easy to make.
  • Made with healthy ingredients.
  • Naturally gluten-free, refined sugar-free and can be made vegan.
  • Perfect for dessert or snack time.
  • Perfect individual portions, making them easy to share.

Let’s make these mini key lime cheesecakes!

Easy & Healthy Ingredients

  • Oat Flour – Oats are a fantastic source of fiber, which aids digestion and helps keep you feeling full for longer periods. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals, including manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium, promoting heart health and overall well-being.
  • Almonds – Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, almonds are great for heart health and skin nourishment.
  • Lime – Bursting with vitamin C, limes help boost your immune system and improve skin health.
  • Matcha – This is mostly used to just add a green colour to the cheesecakes, however, this vibrant green powder is full of antioxidants and provides a gentle energy boost without the jitters associated with caffeine.
  • Liquid Sweetener – Unlike refined sugar, liquid sweeteners like maple syrup or agave nectar contain some essential nutrients and have a lower glycemic index, making them a healthier alternative.
Six mini key lime cheesecakes on a white plate from an overhead view.


Prepare the Crust

Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F) or 160°C in a fan oven. In a mixing bowl, combine the oat flour, ground almonds, and liquid sweetener. Mix until the ingredients are well incorporated, and you get a crumbly texture.

Shape the Crust

Divide the crust mixture into six equal portions. Take one portion at a time and press it into the bottom of each compartment of a muffin tray. Use a shot glass, a small bottle, or your fingers to press the mixture firmly and create a cup shape for the cheesecake.

Bake the Crust

Place the muffin tray with the crusts in the preheated oven and bake them for approximately 10 minutes, or until they turn golden brown and fragrant.

Prepare the Filling

While the crusts are baking, prepare the key lime filling. In a small bowl, combine the cream cheese (or vegan alternative), lime zest, lime juice, liquid sweetener, and matcha (if using). Mix everything together until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

Fill the Crusts

Once the crusts are done baking, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool slightly. Once the crusts have cooled a bit, carefully spoon the key lime filling into each of the crust cups.

Add a Zesty Touch

To enhance the flavour and presentation, sprinkle a little more lime zest on top of each mini cheesecake.

Chill and Enjoy! 

Pop the filled muffin tray into the refrigerator and allow the mini key lime cheesecakes to chill for at least an hour or until the filling is firm. Once they are ready, it’s time to indulge in these heavenly delights guilt-free!

A mini key lime cheesecake cut in half and each half is stacked on top of each other on a white plate revealing the cross section.

How to store mini key lime cheesecakes

To ensure the best taste and texture, it’s essential to store these mini key lime cheesecakes properly. Here are the storage instructions:

Refrigeration: Once the mini key lime cheesecakes are fully assembled, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Ensure they are covered well to prevent any odors from affecting the taste.

Freezing (Optional): If you want to make a larger batch for later enjoyment or have leftover cheesecakes that won’t be consumed within a few days, consider freezing them. To freeze transfer them to a freezer-safe container or ziplock bag. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 2-3 months.

Thawing (if frozen): When ready to enjoy the frozen mini key lime cheesecakes, remove them from the freezer and let them thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Avoid thawing at room temperature to prevent potential bacterial growth.

Five mini key lime cheesecakes on a plate from an overhead view, a hand is holding on cheesecake closer to the camera.

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A mini key lime cheesecake on a plate with a cake for next to it. There is a plate in the background with five more cheesecakes on it.

Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

A delightful fusion of key lime pie and cheesecake. Ready in 30 minutes and made with just 6 ingredients – they're easy and healthy, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and can be easily adapted for a vegan lifestyle.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Healthy, Vegan
Servings 6 cheesecakes
Calories 194 kcal


For the crusts

For the lime cheesecake filling

  • 100 g Cream Cheese or vegan alternative
  • 1 Lime juice & zest
  • 1 tbsp Liquid Sweetener
  • 1/2 tsp Matcha optional – for colour


  • Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F) or 160°C fan. Combine oat flour, ground almonds, and liquid sweetener in a bowl. Mix for a crumbly texture.
  • Divide crust mixture into six portions. Press into muffin tray compartments, creating a cup shape using a shot glass, bottle, or fingers.
  • Bake crusts for 10 minutes until golden and fragrant.
  • While crusts bake, prepare key lime cheesecake filling in a small bowl. Mix cream cheese (or vegan alternative), lime zest, lime juice, liquid sweetener, and matcha (if using) until smooth and creamy.
  • Remove crusts from the oven and cool slightly. Fill each cup with key lime filling.
  • Sprinkle more lime zest on top for added flavour and presentation.
  • Refrigerate for at least an hour until the filling sets.



*I recommend using a silicone muffin tray, as it’s easier to remove the key lime cheesecakes. Alternatively, you can use a regular muffin tray and insert some cupcake papers.
Read the full blog post when making these key lime cheesecakes for extra tips along the way!
These nutritional values are provided as a guide only and may be different depending on your ingredients and measurements.


Nutrition Facts
Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes
Serving Size
1 cheesecake
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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